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A Memory of Grief

Title: A Memory of Grief

Author: Getty
Pairing: Charlie/Ian from Numb3rs
Rating: PG13ish, after all it is slash
Beta: IgnobleBard, even after all these years “You're still the one”
Disclaimer: Sadly not mine
A/N: For the full quote and where I got it from please see the end of this story.
Feedback: Always appreciated.

“For memory is the only friend grief can call its own.”

I feel safe hereCollapse )

A Heart's Truth

Title: A Heart's Truth
Author: Getty
Pairing: Jack/Daniel from Stargate
Rating: G
Beta: IgnobleBard
Disclaimer: Sadly not mine or SG1 would still be out there saving the day and giving all us fan girls something to be happy about.
Feedback: Always appreciated.

One harmless drink to open the negotiations Daniel had said.Collapse )

How to Become a Millionaire

Title: How To Become A Millionaire
Author: Getty
Genre: Slash
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Rating: PG13ish, since this is slash after all
Warning: None
Betas: Much thanks to IgnobleBard and OldHistory, who don't mind reading what I write even when they aren't a fan of the fandom I'm writing for, lol.
A/N: I have a book just like the one mentioned above and it kept "talking" to me in its own bookish way telling me that it had a story to tell. I'm sorry I didn't listen sooner.

He gave Jack a ghost of a smileCollapse )

A Sanctuary in Appassionato

Title: A Sanctuary in Appassionato
Pairing: Eric/Ryan
Rating: PG13ish
Genre: Slash, which means men loving men. Don't like, don't read!!
Disclaimer: Not mine, or I'd be in the middle of Eric and Ryan, sigh.
Summary: Eric learns how to listen with his heart.
Beta: My beloved Ignoblebard

Horatio knows, of this Eric is certainCollapse )

Waiting on the Moon

Title: Waiting on the Moon
Author: Getty
Summary: As Faramir struggles against a dark destiny, he finds love with a special Lothlórien guard. But will love be enough?
Rating: PG13

the Moon always knowsCollapse )

Two Words

Title: Two Words
Author: Getty
Beta's: Oldhistory, Rambler and IgnobleBard
Summary: Sometimes the less said the better
Rating: PG13ish (maybe)
Disclaimer: Not mine and I do not agree with JRK on a lot of things.

Sometimes the less said the betterCollapse )

Three Words

Title: Three Words
Author Getty
Betas:OldHistory, Rambler and IgnobleBard
Pairing: Harry and Draco but not in the way you suspect.
Summary: Sometimes the one person who understands you most is the last person you would ever expect.
Rating: PG 13ish
Character Death
Feedback to FlyingChallenger@aol.com or through this site
Disclaimer: Not mine and I would have much to say to JKR about who lived and died!!

make no mistake Narcissa they will dieCollapse )

A Memory Of Grief

Title: A Memory of Grief
Author: Getty
Beta's: OldHistory, Rambler and IgnobleBard
Rating: PG13ish
Paring: Charlie/Ian from Numb3rs
Disclaimer: Not mine or Lou Diamond Phillips would be living at my house right now.
A/N: See end of story for full quote and explanation.

Charlie can do the mathCollapse )

A Faithless Kiss, LoTR, NC17

Title: A Faithless Kiss
Author: Getty
Email: flyingchallenger@aol.com
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Aragorn/Boromir, Aragorn/Faramir
Warnings: slight kink
Disclaimer: Not mine or Arwen would be kicking ass inestead.
Request: Hot sex, bit of angst, kink would be very welcome, gloves
Summary: Aragorn contemplates the seasons.
A/N: It was interesting writing Aragorn as a real son of a bitch.


A Faithless Kiss

Boromir and Faramir…Collapse )

The Thirteenth Tale

Title: The Thirteenth Tale
Author: Lucky/Getty
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Request: pre-lotr. first meeting, falling in love. smut is a wonderful bonus. please, if set in Mirkwood (which I'd love!), have it be canon-correct according to Tolkien's descriptions of it in The Hobbit.
Author’s Notes: This story was written for the Aragorn/Legolas fic-a-thon. For such a simple request this story just kicked my ass, I started and then discarded no less than 12 other ideas. Hence the title of this one. Story 11 I expect I will continue with and eventually I’ll post it. I apologize in advance if the tenses seem off, but it was necessary for the flow of the story. Any mistakes are my own though I had two wonderful beta’s IgnobleBard and OldHistory helping me, they shaped this story just as surely as I did.
Disclaimer: Not mine, because if they were, Arwen would have been out there saving the day and not Aragorn.


The Thirteenth Tale

On elven high days, unless it is a time of war…Collapse )